Environment, Health and Safety

At Aqua, the health and safety of our employees, our sub-contractors and the public, as well as our efforts to protect the local environment, are among our top priorities.


As a principle contractor, we constantly monitor our impact on the environment and, to this end, we are ISO 14001:2015 accredited. Our external advisors regularly audit our Environmental Management Systems, ensuring that we meet or exceed all our obligations on environmental issues.

Wherever possible, we use suppliers that prioritise the re-use and recycling of any unused materials and packaging, ensuring our impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. For example, during all excavation works on site, we make sure to separate high quality topsoil for re-use in the gardens of our developments.

Health and Safety

As a Acclaim accredited company, our competence and capability in all aspects of health and safety is demonstrated by meeting the SSIP ‘core criteria’.

When it comes to the health and safety of everyone involved in our developments, nothing is overlooked. As well as carrying out regular internal audits, we employ external advisors to ensure we meet the highest standards of compliance with all health and safety rules and regulations. The wellbeing of all personnel on our sites is monitored and there is a requirement for everyone to know the risks to their health and plan their work using the right controls.

The performance of all employees is regularly reviewed, and training is offered to ensure constant development and awareness of the latest advances in best practice.

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